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BotFactory - an innovation agency in VR (virtual reality) aims to connect VR technology with everyday life wherever it's beneficial. The uniqueness of VR technology lies in the experience, which almost faithfully simulates reality. Typically, these are activities or situations where the unique experiential capabilities of VR technology speed up learning processes, reduce the cost of professional training, increase the variety of professional training options, and protect human health. In creating our solutions, we ourselves use modern and effective methods and procedures, such as the Varwin platform.

The Varwin platform is an environment for creating, editing and using projects in virtual reality (VR). It is a quick and easy solution for creating VR projects without programming skills. These projects can then be managed and supported from the company's own resources without the involvement of third parties. The packaged solution includes the Varwin XRMS (Reality Management System) App with built-in VR client and Varwin SDK.

Why do companies use Varwin?

For too long, executive management has struggled with the implementation of assigned projects on the market and cooperation with the CoR's code-oriented development workshops. Varwin is changing the structure of how companies today implement virtual reality into their workflow.

How does Varwin work?

Varwin allows users with no coding skills to easily create, manage and edit their VR projects. Users who are skilled in Unity development can go even beyond that and streamline their development process making commercial VR projects for their clients on Varwin. For VR Varwin is similar to what Wordpress is for website creation or PowerPoint to slide presentation.

What are the typical use cases of the Varwin platform?

Training - reducing number of injuries during training to zero and optimising training cost as no expensive equipment can be broken in VR Marketing - A virtual showroom or demo product can start selling

Maintenance - learn to work with different devices on the go

Tours - bring the world's most famous museums and historic sites to life for those who can't travel to see them

Design - Create and test your new VR project idea before it launches

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