Sleepy ride through schools continues - How to turn a teacher who teaches Microsoft Office into a programmer in 3D Scratch in six hours, or training How to effectively teach new computer science in 3D with virtual and augmented reality - 28.6.2022 at SPSE in Pilsen


After a few weeks, we focused with our training on another, this time at the Secondary Industrial School in Pilsen in Slovany. At school, they have been enabling students to teach virtual reality programming at Unity for a long time. They have a special virtual reality classroom here, where they have powerful computers with HTC Vive glasses. Students prepare their semester works on these computers. But even so, we have learned that the complexity of Unity, which was originally designed to create large-scale games, allows students to only slowly develop creative skills.

That’s why we were happy how the teachers in the best years quickly get into our Cospaces application, get the necessary skills to work with 3D models and how to give them life using 3D Scratch - CoBlocks in the Cospaces application.

One of the teachers who has been teaching at Unity for a long time immediately began looking at Cospaces for analogies to the problems he solves with students at Unity. He started trying to make an elevator, creating teleports, experimenting with smoke effects. When he remarked, we might have to hide the Cospaces from the students, because everything here is very easy to do, but why do we actually make virtual reality applications in Unity.

We were very happy about that.

Teachers also had the chance to try out how to test 3D models in real space using augmented reality. This way, they can easily test the 3D model in reality before 3D printing or production.

Gradually, they got to virtual tours with 360 photos, learned to download 360 photos from Google Street View and work with a 360 camera.

In less than six hours, teachers gained knowledge of how to program with CoBlocks - creating stories or minigames in the Cospaces application. They learned to use the laws of physics in simulations. They also discovered the possibilities of programming in Typescript and Python.

At the same time, they also learned to find their way around the Cospaces Gallery, where teachers and students from all over the world share ready-made virtual tours and minigames for various subjects. They will get inspiration for teaching in the Gallery.

We believe that after successful training, they will decide to integrate the Cospaces application into the teaching of new informatics and other subjects from the school year 2022/2023 and become another school in the Czech Republic, where students will start learning modern 3D technologies in all subjects.