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Why us?

We are specialists

Our specialists will design 3D environments and developers will design interactive realistic virtual simulations in close cooperation with you

The basis is user satisfaction

Virtual reality training can be new to many people, so we make sure that our simulations are designed with the utmost sensitivity. We always put user satisfaction first in all our simulations.

Flexible project plan

Initial VR hardware and software requirements and user expectations may differ from what we actually deliver. That’s why we use the agile SCRUM approach, which allows us to stay flexible to your current needs throughout the project.

Why use virtual reality for training?

Virtual reality allows you to simulate a real environment in which you can safely test risky situations. You can experience real emotions here and thus you will master everything better.


Multiple employees can train at the same time.

Acquisition of knowledge

You will increase employee involvement in training and improve knowledge acquisition.

Travel costs

Reduce travel costs.


You will be safely trained in high-risk situations.


Fast deployment and scaling of training.

Detailed reporting

You will get detailed data from the training and you can evaluate the improvement of employees.

Virtual reality will completely change the way business is done

Miroslav Samek | CEO

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Our Services

Health services

For healthcare, we offer the latest educational applications for virtual reality.


With virtual reality training, companies will save and have more satisfied employees.


We will transfer students to a virtual environment, where they will be able to acquire real knowledge in the safety of virtual reality.

Application development

We develop virtual reality applications based on customer requirements.

Virtual tours

Virtual tours allow companies to bring customers to their operations, gaining confidence in their product and saving on travel costs.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality allows you to complement the real world with digital objects that can help you navigate the city, improve service technician policies, and more.

Our partners

Cospaces - let's play

Cospaces - let's play

Make AR & VR in the classroom

Magic Cube - Merge Cube

Magic Cube - Merge Cube

The easiest way to augmented reality.

360 VR training

360 VR training

The training of VR staff is up to 4 times faster than classroom instruction

Magenta Experience Center

Magenta Experience Center

Augmented and virtual reality workshops in teaching

Digital Promotion 4.0

Digital Promotion 4.0

Used technology MetaVRse is a universal platform for 3D creation designed for everyone.

Aimtech Hackaton - Younghackers

Aimtech Hackaton - Younghackers

:Do you think IT is nothing for your kids, and it’s just about sitting at a computer?

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